Key People
Niraj Jain

As founder and MD of élan, Niraj has materialized his persistent wanderlust in a luxury lifestyle consultancy and concierge service. After having received his MBA from McCallum Graduate School of Business in Boston, Niraj explored several other careers, worked for one of the world’s top advertising companies, traded in commodities and managed a successful real estate development project.

A few years ago he moved back to the travel space and made a dent in the world of travel by gaining recognition from world’s top companies for offering innovative travel concepts and unique destinations for the Indian market. Devotedly globe-trotting to handpick the cream of the crop, Niraj has visited almost 45 countries and over 130 cities worldwide, this list keeps growing as he turns his experiences into dreams people would love to buy.

Yashesh Shethia

His experiences come from ‘doing’ rather than ‘reading’. So when he compares a Harley Davidson or a Ferrari to others, it’s because he’s used them. A bit of a maverick,he has always had his finger on the pulse of entertainment and lifestyle and has managed over 400 events. Reckoned to be a creative and ideas powerhouse, his fascination for technology, creativity and his need to make a difference got him to be a director at riidl, the research / innovation / incubation / design labs at Somaiya College.

On the more somber front, Yashesh was earlier part of the senior management with chlorophyll brand consulting (and now consults with them). He is also on the advisory board of the global Experiential Marketing Forum and independently consults for select brands. He has also patented a technology product in collaboration with Vivek Subramanian of the University of California, Berkeley and Federico Casalegno (MIT experience Lab). He has worked with brands like the Oberoi Hotels, Radisson Hotels, British Airways, J&J, Standard Chartered, Smirnoff, HUL, Le Meridian, amongst others. His 22 years of experience in the lifestyle and branding space, gives him an edge.

Deeksha Nanda

Dreamer, Traveller, Fashion & Lifestyle Writer, are but a few ways to describe Deeksha. Hailing from a background deeply influenced by hospitality, she believes lifestyle is like art. Having written for and Little Black Book- Delhi, Deeksha recently started her own Fashion & Lifestyle blog called Dot IT.

DOT IT. brings you closer to self expression through the whims of worldly designers, expert lifestyle curators and is an expression of the times we live in. Inspired by her travels and kaleidoscopic experiences, she turns them into tales of Fashion, Art, Culture and Photography. DOT IT. is a reflection of her own desires, longings and dreams.

William Goodacre

He’s the ‘God’ of Italian experiences and now also Spain - he brings access to nobility, top wine makers, Michelin chefs, designers and manufacturers of high end fashion goods etc. He’s a gourmand and a connoisseur of wines.

Since founding his company in 2000, William personally oversees all trips for his clients and takes pride in his reputation for immaculate planning of arrangements. He loves finding food and wine personalities, who would give their best for his clients.

William delivers on all counts and the tours gets amazingly better and better. His knowledge of the culture, food and wines of Italy are outstanding and he seems to know everyone that matters. Endless trouble is taken to understand clients and then deliver an experience even better than expected. He has a number of clients in the UK and internationally, who return to use his expertise both in Italy and beyond.


Good or bad. Fast or slow. Fulfilling or otherwise.   

There is something in it for everyone.   

Yet, today, there is so much happening, with insane amounts of information and very busy schedules; that ‘moments’ can at times get blurred in this haze and chaos of the ‘connected’ life!   

At élan, we go through the clutter, and pick these special experiences out for you.    

Tried, tested, tasted, and then curated, we punctuate life with special moments, indulgences,
and even hedonistic excursions.   

We script memories that stay etched in the soul.   

Memories that stay alive through generations and become intangible heirlooms of sorts.  

This comes from our love of telling stories; and hearing them.   

After all, unforgettable experiences become unforgettable stories.   

 At élan, we curate the Good Life.